cGeep Free 3.0.4a

Protect your files and emails in one click


  • One-click encryption
  • Supports a wide range of email clients
  • Uses both private and public keys for added security


  • Not as many advanced security preferences as many other encryption tools


There are all sorts of scallywags out there that, given half a chance, would love to snoop on the files on your computer and the emails you send and receive. Luckily though, it's pretty easy to protect yourself, especially if you use cGeep. The app encrypts personal information quickly from the file menu of Windows Explorer using a list of passwords that you enters into the database program.

It has two main functions: to encrypt and decrypt files and emails. Compatibility with Outlook and many other clients, cGeep can send encrypted messages with a single click and receive correspondence equally safely. The utility makes things ultra safe by using a double password system, implementing both a public and private key.

Encrypting files and emails in cGeep can be done with a single click, making this one of the easiest security tools you'll find.

cGeep allows you to encrypt your documents and folders in one click. To send an encrypted email, one click is enough too! And it works with your usual email client (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mozilla, Netscape, Eudora...and even Lotus Notes)!

On top of that, cGeep ships with cGeep Companion for Outlook Office, a plug-in which offers total integration in the workflow of Outlook Office users. In all cases, you keep using your regular email address to send and receive secure encrypted messages. cGeep integrates perfectly in your environment, without changing a thing to your work habits.



cGeep Free 3.0.4a

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